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Julian (Doc) Sebasst is a quiet university professor in the Virgin Islands, where he is trying to live a simple life with the woman he loves. He's a cerebral man, slow to ruffle, but highly protective of his privacy and mysterious past.  His business partner is San Francisco millionaire, Marcus St. John, owner of one of the largest private security firms in the country. He’s hot-tempered, distrusts everyone, and hates the police. 
The men are as different as two sides of a coin, but are bonded together by their lifetime friendship and one simple code: "Don't start nothing; won't be nothing." Despite their best efforts, trouble pursues them like shadows. They are middle-aged black men moving in the world of the privileged where their wealth and influence count for nothing, the adversaries are powerful, and the georgraphy is also their enemy. The challenges are great, the risks—high, and the odds for success are slim. Regardless of the obstacles and dangers, they are relentless in their resolve to finish what others start.


Sydney Belleshota

The redhead is Marcus's personal security expert. Complex, unpredictable, and unlucky in love. She's just as likely to kiss someone as she is to shoot them. Temperamental and impulsive, Sydney finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.


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Sasha Micheaux​
The international banker and heiress is head of the powerful Micheaux-Bourbon families. She is beautiful, cunning, and lethal. She’s also conflicted. While attracted to Doc, she blames him for the death of her brothers and the dismantling of her art smuggling business. She has an ingenious plan for protecting her fortune, while also settling the score with Doc.
Carlos Bourbon
Is head of the the French-Canadian Bourbon clan and Sasha Micheaux first cousin. He is devoted to serving and protecting his cousin at any costs.
Jessica Valcone​
Has many faces and can be whoever she needs to be.
Jax Smoak
A lawyer by profession, and an accountant and fixer for the Palomino Cartel. Everything bad happening in Belize is because of him and is the reason he's running from Julian Sebasst.


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Is a transporter of rare and stolen artifacts for architect Cassandra Prophet. She is after the Alpaca Stones which are in Julian Sebasst's possession. Kane's job is  to get them back.

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