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Cassandra Prophet


Acclaimed Seattle architect, Cassandra Prophet, is also a successful purveyor of rare goods that she has harvested into a cottage-industry. Her sister and the mysterious townspeople of Poison Springs, Nevada  protect her secrets. Doc is the only thing standing between her and the biggest financial deal of her life.



The unknown cyber-thief,  known only as "Viper", is sytematically dismantling everything Doc and Marcus have worked for.  Viper employs a cast of co-conspirators to execute his plan, which is almost flawless, but it depends on him finding a way to keep Doc imprisoned in a Cayman Islands jail for eight days.

Dana Travis


He's a crooked accountant and a wanted fugitive, but what Dana Travis is best at is lying. He doesn't care who he uses to get what he wants. When he steals something from his employers they want it back, along with his body. Luck can get him only so far.  If he wants to survive, he'll need to feed Doc another lie, then pray he doesn't  learn the truth.

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