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Killing Quick

A Seattle reporter is found dead in her condominium, and her death is inexplicably tied to an unsolved 10-year-old mystery. Two friends; one a quiet and mysterious university professor living in St. Croix, and the other, a hot-tempered San Francisco millionaire unite and embark on a quest to find the killer. In their search for justice they quickly discover that they are in over their heads, and that they are chasing a trail of empty leads filled with lies, misinformation, and cover-ups. The journey takes them into the very heart of the enemy without a way home, unless they can find the one man who knows the real truth . . . a hunted fugitive.

Chasing The Storm

Three friends are on an unwavering mission to track down the man responsible for double-crossing them in a deadly kidnapping rescue in France. He is also responsible for the theft of a $200 million cargo off the Norwegian coast. The friends are given an ultimatum--locate the freighter Angela's Storm, and recover the cargo within five days or die. To do this, they must find the invisible man that seems to know their every move. The closer they get the more elusive and dangerous he becomes, and the more they have to depend on each other for their survival. The stakes are higher for one of them, because the person they're after is her father.

Land Of Profit

The Alpaca Stones are a legend that few know about and even fewer believe. Those who knew were killed, victims of Cassandra Prophet, who will do anything to make sure no one can solve the riddle of the stones. Doc and Marcus’s vacation comes to an abrupt end when the stones are delivered to them by a former client, who mysteriously disappears. The eighteen hand-carved stones are a partial map, but of what? As the men try to piece together the puzzle, friend and bonded courier, Sydney Belleshota, is on her way to the desert town of Poison Springs to deliver a secret letter to a man she’s never met. When he ends up dead, she becomes Prophet’s next target. Her only means of escaping the town are with Doc and Marcus’s help—but they’ve got their own problems.

Vipers Nest

Marcus’s hotel project in the Caribbean is slapped with an injunction, a sexual harassment suit threatens to oust him from his own company, and hackers steal millions from his account. But none of this compares to the challenges he’s about to face when he learns that his CFO is reported missing in the Bahamas, and that Doc is in jail in the Cayman Islands. The seemingly random events are no coincidence, but the work of one man and a long list of conspirators. Marcus finds himself in the fight of his life against an opponent he can’t beat—without Doc’s help. He has eight days to try and save his multi-billion-dollar empire, but first he's got to find a way to break Doc out of jail.


Valcone Haven   Knights Landing   Trail of Smoke   Wolves In a Bar   Gunrunner   Vanguard Temple   Elkhorn   We Die Here   

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