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The Julian Sebasst Novels are a series of mystery thrillers, wrapped in adventures that take the reader on a high-octane ride of intrigue, whether it’s in Seattle or Switzerland, the mountains of Norway, the desert of Nevada, or the tropics of the Caribbean.


KILLING QUICK is an exciting thriller that moves at a break-neck pace. The author does an excellent job setting up the characters and intricate plot, then letting the story unfold  with plenty of twists and action. It's the kind of book that could really work as a film.

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First-time novelist D.M. Edwards writes a crackling, fast-moving read that has unforgettable characters, a twisting plot and the kind of action that makes this a killer page turner. Moving between St. Croix, Seattle and San Francisco, the tall, elegant Doc and and his hustling, millionaire buddy Marcus, are cool and crafty, thoughtful and explosive--perfect counterpoints to each other, and the sort of men you hope to meet again in future adventures. Edwards is a vivid story teller, with a gift for rich detail, sparkling dialogue and unexpected surprises. "Killing Quick" hits the mark dead-on.

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